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Your satisfaction is our top priority

Getting your repairs just right is always our goal. You'll be able to chew more easily and be prouder of your smile when you leave. If you have questions at any time, just ask and we'll give you the answers you need.

•  Denture repairs

•  Partial repairs

•  Replace broken teeth or add teeth to existing partials

•  Cracked dentures, re-lines, and repairs while you wait

Smiles Dental Lab always welcomes new patients. Have you broken your dentures, but haven't been here before? No problem. Just come in, fill out our new client forms, and we'll get to work quickly on your repairs.

Call now to get your dentures working like new again.

Fast, expert denture repairs

Did you crack your dentures? Do you have a missing or broken tooth? Come to Smiles Dental Lab to get the quick, precise repairs you need.

Complete repairs while you wait

Whether you've cracked your dentures, have a broken tooth, or need to add teeth to your partials, the friendly, reliable staff at Smiles Dental Lab can help get your dentures back in working order. With years of experience and a commitment to helping you look and feel better, you'll get personalized service and fast dentures while you wait. Have questions about whether we can fix your dentures? Give us a call.

Comprehensive denture repairs

New patient? No problem.

Fast, expert denture repairs
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